The firm’s Cambodian & Chinese Lawyers provide comprehensive legal services, utilizing a network of Duan & Duan Shanghai Head office across the territory of China, as well as Japan and United States.

Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm uses know-how gained from the legal counsels that have provided to a multitude of corporate clients over the years, offering support for routing business operations as well as novel legal issues that a client may face.

One of the largest full-services law firm based in Phnom Penh and with strong network of Duan & Duan Shanghai Office. Our firm has more than 500 lawyers across the globe, including the IP attorney, licensed tax attorney, and IPO attorneys.

Lawyers at Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm actively participate in bar association activities as pro bono service. Our partner have opened the opportunity for all fresh lawyer trainee to join our team.

Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm is proud of its history and is firmly focused on the future, looking to build upon its solid foundation and to continue developing and expanding its expertise to support the digital economy. We are proudly to become one of founding member of Belt and Road International Lawyers Association.