About Us


The firm's Cambodian and Chinese lawyers provide comprehensive legal services with a network of Duan & Duan Shanghai Head Office established in 1993 conducting across the territory of China and becoming one of the most distinctive and recognized full-service law firms in China.

To date, Duan & Duan operates out of 21 offices in regions around the world, including China, Japan and the United States.

​​​​​​​As one of the largest full-service law firms based in Phnom Penh with a strong network of Duan & Duan Shanghai Office, our firm has more than 500 lawyers across the globe, including IP attorneys, licensed tax attorneys, and IPO attorneys


Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm uses know-how gained from countless legal services provided to a multitude of corporate clients over the years, offers support for routing business operations as well as novel legal issues encountered by the clients.

Lawyers at Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm have actively participated to the Bar Association’s activities and have opened the opportunity for all fresh lawyer trainees to join our team.

Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm is recognized as one of the best law firms in Cambodia, focusing on key practice areas such as banking and finance, corporate and commercial services, mergers and acquisitions, real estate and construction, investment, securities, intellectual property, labor and employment, restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy, litigation, customs and tax, and other areas.

Duan & Duan Phnom Penh Law Firm is proud of its history and firmly focuses on advancing its growth upon its solid foundation, with its tireless commitment to developing and expanding its expertise to support the digital economy in response to this still-evolving context.

​​​​​​​We are also proud to become one of the founding members of the Belt and Road International Lawyers Association.


H.E. SHINOHARA Katsuhiro, a Japanese diplomat who first arrived in Cambodia in 1967. He spent his first two years as a monk at Wat Ounalom Pagoda in Phnom Penh to learn Khmer language and culture. He was then assigned as secretary at the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia. He later solidified his relationship with Cambodia by serving as Japanese Ambassador to Cambodia from 2007 to 2009 after returning to Cambodia for two additional three-year postings as Senior Consular Official at the Japanese Embassy in Cambodia (from 1991-1994 and from 2001-2004). He served as Independent Director and Committee Member for Sathapana Bank.

H.E. Sarakmony BUON is the secretary of State of Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Cambodia, with rich experience covering designing projects for corporate mergers and joint ventures as well as providing advice on various global company acquisition. He worked for one of the largest telecom firms in Cambodia before joining SETHAVITOU Notary Public, where he was responsible for formulating and analysing numerous agreements from a corporate perspective. Prior to joining SCP Pascal Chassaing in the 7e Arrondissement of Paris, he worked at the Paris office of the global law firm Freshfields Brukhaus Diringer for six months as trainee notary. Mony was admitted to the Ph.D. candidate at the Doctoral School of Law in Lyon, France and, because of his research passion, a member of CERCRID (Centre de Recherches Critiques sur le Droit).